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On Tuesday 23rd July the Middles went to Taskworks in Mulgrave. We chose to go to Taskworks  to help us explore our BIG question in Inquiry - 'How do the choices we make contribute to our physical and emotional health?'
At Taskworks we participated in many different FUN activities. They were -

Peg Fast
In Peg Fast you have to put all of your pegs in the right holes as quickly as possible, but you have to work as a team to complete the activity. There is a rule, that rule is that you only can hold two pegs at a time. When you work as a team you find the game is easier and way more FUN! It’s easier to co-operate when you share ideas. You use teamwork to work together to get it done and you think about where you are going to put your pegs. Be careful you are racing against other teams.

By Jacob F, Ciaran, Lauren and Bianca
The Puzzle Room
The soma blocks is a way of working in a group to make a cube and it’s not so easy. With the blocks you have to work together to make anything without fighting. The brick maze rules were you can only go straight and turn right to get through. On the back wall you had to make all different things with jig saw puzzle piece things. At the bikes you have a partner and first to get to ten wins.
By Pat Maria Cooper Chloe
Create a Scene
First of our group got split into 2 groups. One group went into build it and the other went into create a scene. They then told us the rules for create a scene, and then we had to take our shoes off. Then we were free to try on the costumes. The themes were: Punk/rock, Medieval, Monsters and last but not least the future. In create a scene you are not yourself, it’s like you are in a different time dimension. It is great having a partner to help set the scene.
By Jamie, Tia, Tessa and Ben

- Build It

In ‘Build It’ first we got split into two groups so the activities were equal. There is two sections, one where we could build either a teenager, child or an adult robot. Then the second section you have to take turns at taking apart the creeper then re build the robot and put all the different parts as a group. We had to work together to complete this activity.
By Amelia, Connor, Ava, Tom!
- Stomp a Stump

In this game you had to work together with a partner. You also had to cooperate as a team to choose who stomps the stump. Most people halved the stumps with their partner but there was an extra stump in the middle so you had to work together to tell them who would stomp on it. In stomp a stump every was working together to get a high score but I thought it`s all about fun!
By Stephanie, Jackson, Adol and Lachlan
- Cable Maze
When we entered the cable maze it looked hard. We all thought we would go on the wrong track. We went into the cable maze and it was really fun and it kept you moving. The maze made you work with a partner and all by yourself. We had to get out to get a great time. The cable maze was good physical activity and it was still fun.

By Joe, Will, Ashling and Jacob M

Thank you to Rose, Scott and Courtney for helping us and showing us around Taskworks. PhotoPeach


Middle Matters

I remember going to "task Works!" It is such a well designed experience! My favourite part is the dress ups. I really laughed when I saw you dressed up and acting in all those poses!

What a great day of fun and teamwork!

Mrs Yore

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